Benefits of Getting Tinted Windows for Your Vehicle

February 15, 2017
June 29, 2017
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Car window tinting West Palm Beach FL

If you’ve been thinking of getting tinted windows on your car, truck or van, then Tint King of West Palm Beach FL is just what you need. Having your windows tinted is a matter of personal preference. However, what many people are not aware of are the numerous benefits of getting it done.

Improved driving

Glare from the sun and other vehicles while driving can be dangerous. Getting the windows of your cars or trucks tinted is a good way to avoid such glares. You can drive more easily and safely when your focus is not diverted by extreme light.

Staying cool

Summer time can be torturous for a driver, especially in South Florida.  Getting tinted windows on a car, truck or van can help lessen the heat inside by almost 60%. We, at Tint King, have decades of experience, and will help you select the perfect car window tinting types suitable for you.

Protection from UV Rays

Direct exposure to the sun and it’s UV rays can be harmful to both a passenger and the vehicle.  It can burn and damage a person’s skin and the interior of your automobile.

With the right car window tinting types, you can protect your passengers and your vehicle from harmful UV rays. Quality tinted windows can reduce the exposure to UV rays by almost 99%. Our LLumar Films and FormulaOne® tints are perfect for meeting this requirement.

Privacy and Protection

With a state-of-the-art Computer Cut system and the best tinted films available in the business, Our experts will guide you to choose the right window tint to provide you privacy and protection. Help protect yourself, your valuables and other belongings in your car, truck or van.

100% Lifetime Guarantee

We believe in providing the ultimate customer servicing expeience. All our work comes with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee. At Tint King, our workmanship is aimed at getting absolute customer satisfaction.

If you are interested in getting your windows tinted and curious about pricing, call the experts at Tint King at 561-684-4621 for a free quote.  Or just stop by our shop at 2088 N. Military Trail in West Palm Beach. No appointment is necessary.

The Tint King Experience

A team of professionals with over two decades of experience in the industry work to provide you with the best window tinting in Palm Beach County.

Customer satisfaction is one of our top goals at Tint King.  We know every customer is unique and needs custom options when it comes to vehicle window tinting. That is why we offer the best tints in the industry with our LLumar and FormulaOne® tints that offer a range of customizable products. Choose from The Classic SeriesThe Comfort Series, and The Pinnacle Series, depending on your requirements.

Tint King West Palm Beach FL, is a pioneer in the business of window tinting. Trust us to help you achieve the required degree of privacy and protection that you seek in your automobiles. Call today for the most competitive window tinting prices in West Palm Beach.

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