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June 25, 2017
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Residential Window Tinting West Palm Beach

Window tinting can be simply described as the process of applying a transparent or translucent sheet of film to the inner part of your home’s windows. You may associate window tinting with cars, but window tinting in a residential home can provide several benefits that homeowners should be aware of.

From energy savings and ultraviolet (UV) protection to improved security and more, tinting the windows in your home should be a top priority. It is especially important in southern states, like Florida, where there is more direct exposure to the heat of the sun year-round. Window tinting can provide a substantial reduction in the amount of sun radiation that reaches the interior of the house.

Many homeowners have yet to explore the benefits of window tinting, even though they may be feeling the costs in increased utility bills and damage to furniture from UV rays or the frustration of having to keep the blinds or curtains closed on a beautiful day to keep out the heat.

It’s time that homeowners explore hiring the services of a professional window tinting company, like Tint King in West Palm Beach, Florida, that offers professional, high-quality service at an affordable price.

Benefits of Tinted Windows in Residential Homes in West Palm Beach, Florida

  1. Energy Efficiency
    Un-tinted windows can play a significant role in taking a large chunk of your energy bills. With regular glass windows, the heat from the sun significantly raises the temperature inside the home. Tinting your home’s windows will help you make an investment in energy efficiency. In addition to keeping the overall temperature lower in your house, houses with tinted glass maintain more consistent temperatures in all rooms. Tint King can help you save on energy bills by installing tint on your home’s windows.
  2. Protection from the Sun
    You might think of protecting your skin from the sun when you are outside, but that’s not necessarily the only time you are exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Sitting near an un-tinted window can also expose you to damaging UV rays. Most of us don’t want to apply sunblock when we are in our homes. The best way to protect yourself when you are indoors is to tint your windows, which can reduce UV rays by up to 50% or more. Additionally, your skin isn’t the only thing at risk of being damaged by UV rays. Furniture, including fabric, wood and leather, rugs, artwork and more can all become faded or discolored when exposed to sunlight over a period of time. The cost to replace sun-damaged furniture can add up quickly, but is easily avoided with window tinting.
  3. Beam Reduction
    The films on tinted windows work to reflect the both heat as well as the glare or beam from the sun. The sun’s glare is especially apparent on reflective devices like TV screens or the monitors of laptops, desktop computers, tablets and phones. Glares are not only annoying, but can cause strain on the eyes if they persist.
  4. Boosted Security
    In this regard, window films can help in two ways, either deterring an intruder or slowing down the intruder. Tinting the windows of a residential property can help deter a criminal by not allowing them to see through the window to assess whether or not they want to break in. Many criminals are looking to make a quick buck and want to easily see that they can be successful in their attempt. By preventing them a view into your house through the window, they may be inclined to move on to an easier job at another house. Additionally, window films are available to add a measure of protection in the event an intruder tries to break in. Specially designed films, referred to as “security films”, are available to help slow down an unwanted intruder. When installed by a specialist, these films hold the glass in place longer when an intruder tries to gain entry by breaking through it, once again discouraging the criminal from further attempts. When used in conjunction with a security system, these security films can be especially effective to help hold out the intruder while the police are in transit.
  5. Easy to Maintain

Window tinting films can be water resistant and scratch-resistant. This makes cleaning a snap and keeps your windows looking great, even over time. It is important to note that there are many options when it comes to window tinting films and cleaning agents may vary according to film type. This is one of many reasons it is important to work with a professional like Tint King, who can direct you on the most appropriate cleaning agent for the film that fits your needs.

While it might be tempting to DIY window tinting, having an experienced window tinting expert is key. You need someone with knowledge to properly install the window tint and avoid bubbles in the window tinting or other common pitfalls of an inexpensive window tinting job. Because there are many variables to consider, from film thickness and material to installation tips and tricks, a professional like Tint King can walk through your goals for your window tinting project, recommend the best options to fit your needs and complete the job with high-quality installation.

So, whether you are building your new home or considering upgrading your existing home to be more energy efficient, secure and protected from sun damage, Tint King is your resource in Palm Beach County, Florida. To protect yourself, family and home with the highest quality tinted films, give us a call or visit us at TINT KING

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