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March 23, 2018
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May 10, 2019
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In Florida, staying cool can be a daily battle, especially during the summer months.   Florida residents are often looking for ways to escape the heat and stay cool.

When it comes to window tint, most individuals think about cars and trucks and are unaware of the different options available for their homes and offices.   However, today, you can choose from a wide range of solar film to keep your home cool and HVAC running efficient.

Window tinting your home not only can keep it comfortable and cool, but also;

  • Save on energy/utility cost
  • Reduce glare from neighboring homes, bodies of water, etc.
  • Help with privacy and diminish the possibility of theft
  • Protect your personal belongs from fading and damage by blocking out harmful UV rays.

With the hot summer months quickly approaching, start planning on ways to make your living space more comfortable and cool.  Call Tint King today to schedule your free window tinting consultation for your home and learn more about the different benefits tinting your home’s windows can have for you and your personal belongings.

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