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Tint King is synonymous for window tinting.

Since 1980, Tint King has held a high reputation as one of the industries oldest and most reputable window tinting companies. Tint King's dedication to providing the best customer service and satisfaction while backing up their work with some of the highest rated warranties has helped them maintain such a high stature in the tinting community. Their high quality window tinting services include residential, commercial, automotive and boat tinting.

Did you know Tint King offers more than just window tinting?

Tint King has taken it's approach to providing high quality products and customer satisfaction to other services and products for many years. Some of their other services include:

Automotive Paint Protection:

Paint protective films act as a barrier between your vehicle's paint surface and hazardous debris. As expected, Tint King offers the industries most advanced paint protection films, Xpel.

Xpel films fit your vehicle like a glove no matter the make or model. They are computer cut to insure accuracy and are backed by a 5-year warranty that requires no special maintenance. Just simply wash and wax your vehicle the same way you always have!

Vinyl Striping & Vehicle Decals:

Looking to take the look of your vehicle to the next level? Maybe looking to add some custom decals or graphics to your car, truck or work van? Well, look no further than Tint King. Offering an impressive variety of auto decals, pinstripes, RV stripes, boat decals and more, Tint King is your source for the best and most impressive body modifications!

Headlight & Taillight Tinting:

With so much experience in window tinting, of course Tint King offers headlight and taillight tinting as well. Using the same great materials and service as window tinting to give your vehicle that distinct look.

Automotive Accessories:

Tint King also specializes in a variety of automotive accessories. Some of these include:

Tonneau Covers

Ever worry about leaving items in the back of your truck? With Tonneau truck bed covers, you no longer have to worry about leaving your valuables in the back due to weather, theft or high-speeds on the interstate. Tonneau covers are the perfect accessory to add value, style and peace of mind to your pickup truck.

Back-up Cameras and Sensors

Back-up cameras and sensors are becoming more and more common on vehicles and someday may even be required by law. They are helpful for avoiding accidents and also can be used to help drivers do a better job of backing into a parking spot or hitching a trailer.

Running Boards

Running boards can be very helpful on taller vehicles. Making it easier to step inside and also potentially protecting the vehicle from debris. Tint King offers both traditional and powered running boards for most makes and models.

Tint King, offering high quality, professional services throughout South Florida

As you see, Tint King offers much more than most realize. To get more information about our services or to book an appointment, call us at 561-684-4621 or visit Also, check out our gallery to see some of our services and completed jobs.

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