Back up Cameras and Sensors


Back up cameras and sensors can help prevent accidents when reversing your vehicle. In a recent study, almost 57 percent of drivers in vehicles equipped with back-up cameras avoided backing over or into a stationary object that had been placed behind the vehicle when they not looking. Back up accidents involving a small child inadvertently hurt or killed by a family member driving away from home happen all too frequently thats why its so important to have all the necessary safety equipment available for your vehicle.

Adding back up cameras is a fairly easy service. You don't need to buy a new car to get a back-up camera, or spend a lot to add one to an existing vehicle. Here at Tint King we sell and install aftermarket systems that will work in your vehicle. These cameras are simple to use and operate but become a superior visual to not using them. Simply put your car in reverse as you normally would before backing up and a live video feed of everything behind or near vehicle will be visible. Most of the backup camera systems offer a wide viewing angle to give you an even larger field of view.

Back-up cameras and sensors are helpful for avoiding accidents and also can be used to help drivers do a better job of backing into a parking spot or hitching a trailer.

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